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Designed specifically to increase the number of your students scoring Basic, Proficient, and Mastery on the LEAP 2025 Algebra I or LEAP 2025 Geometry assessment.

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Solving Graphically

Algebra I:

Directly aligned to LEAP 2025 released assessments and the K-12 Louisiana Student Standards for Mathematics, the LEAP 2025 Algebra I and LEAP 2025 Geometry Boot Camps are half-day events designed to increase the number of students scoring Basic, Proficient, and Mastery on the LEAP 2025 Algebra I or LEAP 2025 Geometry assessment.

Students will be prepared for the multiple question formats appearing on the test, including simulations of technology-enhanced items:

  • Graphing
  • Drop-down
  • Multiple select
  • Drag and drop
  • Fill in the blank
  • Constructed response

Students practice all three task types:

  • Type I (Major Content)
  • Type II (Expressing Mathematical Reasoning)
  • Type III (Modeling & Application)

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Solving Algebraically


Interpreting Functions

Similarity in Trigonometry

Congruence Transformations

Teachers certified to educate and motivate.

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Aligned to the LEAP 2025 released assessments and the K-12 Louisiana Student Standards for Mathematics

Through extensive research and careful analysis, our Boot Camp workbooks contain the most frequently tested content in the same proportion as found on the LEAP 2025 Algebra I and LEAP 2025 Geometry assessments according to K-12 Louisiana Student Standards.

MasteryPrep test experts personally train and certify every Boot Camp instructor. Our facilitators are skilled in engaging students and making the test content approachable.

We’ve specially designed both our workshops to be implemented in the final hours leading up to the LEAP 2025 Algebra I or LEAP 2025 Geometry tests.

Highly trained, motivating instructor

Boot Camps balance test-taking strategies and foundational content so that students feel confident in both what's on the test and how to take the test.

More Basic, Proficient, and Mastery scores in one day

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Oliver Pope is one of the nation’s leading experts on standardized test preparation. Having achieved the 99th percentile in no less than five major standardized assessments, Oliver has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in helping students boost their ACT and SAT scores, and he serves as the Chief Academic Officer of MasteryPrep. Oliver has personally trained thousands of teachers and students on how to improve standardized test scores.

Oliver Pope

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Craig Gehring earned perfect scores on the ACT® and SAT® 15 years ago, and since that time he has been helping students master standardized tests. As the founder of MasteryPrep and author of over a dozen test prep books, Craig has helped nearly a thousand schools and school districts and over a quarter of a million students improve their ACT and SAT scores.

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